Thursday, March 23, 2006

Charlie Sheen Resume: Aviation expert, Skyscraper Demolition, Prostitution John, Drug Addict

Oh boy....

Charlie Sheen is quite an expert, from frequenting hookers courtesy of Heidi Fleiss, to being an accomplished Cocaine Addict, to now being a demolition and aviation expert. Not to mention having personal knowledge of Secret Service procedures.

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story Calls for truly independent investigation, joins growing ranks of prominent credible whistleblowers.

Huh? Charlie Sheen is now being listed as prominent and CREDIBLE? Since when does being a drug addict/ACTOR turn you into a credible whistleblower on anything to do with the Government or the fight on terror?

Reminds me of Sean Penn when he became a First Responder in New Orleans.

Why is he talking about this? Taking a page from his father's anti-American book no doubt.


Louie said...

LOL, it's as if this world has been turned inside out or something. Actors, actress', singing groups, and whatever else have become the authority on everything! I bet that you and I could become authorities too. Hmm, whatcha think!

Kelly said...

The Hollywood Left. Just gotta hate them.

Armand said...
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