Monday, March 27, 2006

I am not the Tin man, (or woman).

Contrary to popular belief of those who know me well; I do have a heart. Maybe not figuratively, but literally.

I had a physical last week and my doctor heard a murmur that had never been heard before. She advised me to get an echo cardiogram so that the murmur could be checked out. I had that appointment today and there was actually a heart in the right spot, doing what it is suppose to be doing. I got to see my heart from a variety of views, and the valves that pump blood in and out. It was pretty cool, and all is well.

I'd advise everyone to get a physical, and to actually be honest with you doctor.


Louie said...

So all is fine with you then? I don't even know what a murmur is actually but know that my mom has a murmur as well as my sister. I'm on a beta blocker because my heart rate is so doc said I have an 'over sympathetic heart'. LOL, makes sense to me.

But you are very right, everyone needs to take care of themselves.

Kelly said...

Yes, all seems to be okay. Over sympathetic heart.... great name.