Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My dream job

Safeco Field.

I love baseball. Not just my team, the Seattle Mariners, but baseball. I'm not sure when or why I first came to love baseball but I surely do. I'm a sucker for anything American and to me baseball is definitely American. (Yes, I am aware that Japan won the Baseball World Classic).

To me baseball was going to games at the Kingdome with my sister and dad and my dad yelling at us to pay attention, it's going to summer games to watch my very first boyfriend pitch. I kept score for my high school and got to sit in the dug-out and travel with the team. I haven't missed Opening Day since 1995. I keep score at games, and love doing it. My dream is to someday be an official scorekeeper, I think I would do it for free. I've had many exciting moments and lots of heartbreak through baseball. When Griffey left I went into a depression and still hope that maybe someday he'll return.

One of my (so far) best days ever was July 15th, 1999. The day Safeco Field opened. I still have some confetti of bats and balls that was shot into the air. Being at that place does something to me, I cry easily and being there brings out the sap in me. I'll never forget being at the first Mariner game after September 11th. Flags were everywhere, and I've never felt more American and so much grief and joy at the same time.

Opening Day is April 3rd. Seattle Mariners vs. the Angels.

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Louie said...

I'm sure you heard then about Kirby Pucket? That was actually pretty heart breaking here in MN.

Personally, I am not much of a baseball fan unless we go to the Saints games in St. Paul. Those are some fun times, just like the old days, outdoors, activities, shirts flying into the crowd from their torpedo thing and the fresh air. I think if there were no such thing as 'domes' I would probably like the sport but the demands by the pros just sours me.

I do remember in '87, watching the Twins win the World Series. Pat and I and a crowd of people from school glued to the tube. It was a fun time.