Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crack effects us all......

It's more of a pain in the ass than anything else.

My back passenger side window was broken and the Animal(s) stole the DVD (portable) and two video monitors from the back seat. We always put them under the seats so that they were not visible, obviously that was not enough. I should have known better, what was I thinking leaving anything of value inside my own property?

Then they proceeded to go through just about everything inside my car. The glove box was gone through as well as the middle storage unit. There's paper everywhere.

Of course I have insurance but the replacement of the window and the DVD/monitor will cost less than my deductible.

The worst part about it is the feeling you get. To think that some crack freak went through my car and touched my things makes me feel ill. How do people get over a REAL crime and a REAL violation? I don't know how they do it. Therapy and a gun. Works for me.

The fucking idiots left their little flashlight inside and being a good CSI\Law & Order viewer I left it where it is and the police will come get it as evidence.

Gotta go and clean up the glass and wait for the glass guy to come. Damn..... am missing a thrilling day at work.


Update: This whole thing cost me about $400.00. Criminal also stole a knife that I had in the car as a just in case.... I'm very hopeful that Criminal #1 uses it on Criminal #2,3,4 etc!


Armand said...

When attorneys stop looking for legal loop holes to get these people off, and when coroners start finding bullet holes in these people's chests - then, maybe then, this kind of thing will stop.

Until then, a C-note on the back seat and a shotgun at your window ought to provide for some neighborhood entertainment.

Be sure to film if for America's Funniest Videos.

Kelly said...

I'll get the gun as soon as I get lessons.

Mike's America said...

That feeling of violation is even worse if your house ever gets broken into.

Dealing with crime and that sense of invasion was a constant for me and my neighbors on Capitol Hill in DC the years I lived there.

Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

that why I said:

How do people get over a REAL crime and a REAL violation?

Since this is so petty I'll sure you'll be glad to send me the $400.00 that it cost me to get my window replaced, and the stolen items replaced. Oh yeah, and the days pay that I won't get. I'll be thrilled to send you my Paypal account, just ask. I won't hold my breath though.