Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If they are really this stupid...

I would love not to have to pump my own gas. Not to have to get wet or cold or smell like gas for the rest of the day would be great. However, I'm pretty sure that if I did not know how to fill up my gas tank then maybe I should not be driving.

A quote from New Jersey in regards to a suggestion from Gov. Jon Corzine that people should pump their own gas:

Bill Dressler, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline Retailers Association and Allied Trades, says there are safety concerns. While attendants are trained, many motorists would be novices. "It could be put in the wrong container," says Dressler, whose group represents about 2,200 of the state's 3,800 gas stations.

What wrong container could people POSSIBLY fill up? Their windshield wiper fluid? What else is there? If you have a license to drive, shouldn't you know how to fill your car with gas? Scary. Perhaps they think people will blow themselves via the gas fight scene in Zoolander.

Critics also said that the public could create a safety hazard as inexperienced motorists try to fill their tanks.

How hard it is to fill your gas tank? Do these people never leave New Jersey? What happens when they have left New Jersey and need gas? I'm betting they figure it out and fill up.


Just another republican said...

Its a scare tactic. There don't have to be any saftey concerns, just tell people that.

Nice site, I'll be back.

SarahJ said...

where i grew up the person who pumped gas was part of the service industry. meaning old people and mothers with babies in the car didn't have to get out to pump gas. meaning folks dressed up for dinner didn't want to get out and do it. meaning people were willing to pay 2c more per gallon to have someone do it for them. meaning the oil industry gives up a miniscule amount of its profits to pay a few 1000 folks minimum wage. And maybe the politicians need a donation and are saying to the oil industrialists, yeah, lay all those losers off, and keep their wages because you must really be hurting for an extra swimming pool. We'll sell it to our constituents.
safety issues, yes, the chances are slim. Did you ever the "The Birds?"

Kelly said...

Yes, I did see it, but don't remember a relevant scene? Sorry.

Kelly said...

Thanks Just Another Republican!