Monday, June 05, 2006

Breaking the law...

King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has given amnesty to Dead Beat Parents that have not paid their court ordered child support and have arrest warrants.

I have a 10 year old daughter and did not receive ANY child support for 10 years. I separated from Loser when I was six months pregnant and pretty much never heard from him again. We lived in California for three years while he tried to be a professional volleyball, (what was I thinking, I know). I can only assume that he is still alive, but I don't know for sure, nor do I care), I delivered the kid in Seattle.

A little over a year ago my EX's parents came out of the woodwork and offered to pay not only the back support that had accrued for ten years, (about 30K), they have offered to pay me a monthly amount. They are under no legal obligation to pay this money to me since their son is a 37 year old adult.

The money is a TREMENDOUS salvation for me and the kid but I still believe that Loser should face some punishment for NEVER paying for his legal responsibility. I have mixed feelings about his parents paying the child support, while is a VERY generous thing that they are doing, they are also bailing out their son, (for about the millionth time).

Once the back support is paid and they pay me monthly, their son will no longer be subject to arrest, he will be able to file his taxes (he has not done so since 1998), he will be able to get a real person job rather than working under the table, he will be able to renew his drivers license.

I have NEVER had any faith in the States ability to find Loser and get him to pay me the child support I was owed. Most of the time when I have contacted them my case worker acts as she is doing me a favor by talking with me. to be frank, she's a bitch.

Loser and others like him have broken the law, just because they pay WHAT THEY ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO PAY, why should get a free pass and not be punished? If they are able to pay NOW, why shouldn't the state find them, haul them off to jail and pay their child support.

I am glad that it helps many many kids and parents receive the money they are owed but....... like I said I have mixed feelings.


Armand said...

Was there ever a warrant put out for his arrest?

If not, what reason does the case worker give?

Kelly said...

Since his dad and him have the same first and last name at first the state thought that they had a correct, confirmed address here in Seattle so when he did not pay they were able to do a warrant, once they (quickly) found out that they had tracked down the father and not the son they were not able to do a warrant until they had a confirmed address for him.

Because the State of Washington was NEVER, in 10 years, able to get a confirmed address on him or a confirmed place of employment my case went no where.

It's a moo (Joey from Friends)(yes, I know it's really moot, not moo, it's a joke) point now since I have received 20K of the 30K back support so far but it really burns me that he's off the hook.

Christy said...

I think you and your child definately deserve this money, the fact still remains HE has not paid it, and personally just because Mommy and Daddy are paying what he should have been paying all along, he should still be thrown in jail, personally 1yr in prison for each year of your child's life...seems like a perfect trade off.

God Bless

Violence Worker said...

Child Support is a hard thing to do. My ex-wife ran off with another guy after 9 years and I was stuck with all the bills plus a staggering child support payment for four kids. It was hell for me, the only place I could afford to live being a roach infested apartment complex full of addicts and assorted losers and run by a slumlord. I could cry you a river, but that isn't my point.

I paid the support and for the braces and whatever else. My children are now all grown. My kids know that I may not have been able to buy them the nice things, but they know I never abandoned them either. I could have cheerfully shot their mother, but rotting in a jail cell wouldn't have done them much good either. LOL

In any case, I'm glad it's over and I have a good relationship with the li'l monsters, although they ain't so li'l any more.

Glad you are getting something. I feel sorry for your daughter to have such an irresponsible Dad. That is really hard on a kid.


Kelly said...

He is not her dad. He wouldn't know her if she walked up and smacked him.

My BF has been more of a father to her in the past two years than Loser has been in 10 1/2.

It seems to be the way that child support goes, either stories like yours or a story like mine. It's really not fair for anyone.