Thursday, July 06, 2006

Don't bother me...

I'm usually very bitchy. While shopping, even more so. Yesterday while shopping I had an idea of a new item.... the don't bother me pin, hat, shirt... whatever. I don't engage in small talk and loathe anyone that tries to suck me in.

Yesterday I went into the Mariners Team Store at Southcenter. When I walked in I got the usual greeting, hi, how are you. I don't make eye contact, and say the normal response of: good, thanks.

Then the stalking begins. Below is the conversation:

* Note: I am not standing in one place while this annoying conversation goes on, I am walking around the store trying to look around and get rid of him.

Annoying employee: do you need any help?

Me: no, thanks.

AE: are you looking for anything in particular?

Me: nope.

AE: We have a lot of new items in this week.

Me: no response. Ignoring him so that he will take the hint and go away.

AE: Are you looking for a gift for someone?

Me: no.

AE: Did you know that we sell tickets to games here at the store?

Me: yes.

AE: The Mariners are in town this week, do you need any game tickets?

Me: no.

AE: The games are pretty fun to attend.

Me: I know, I was at the game yesterday.

AE: Oh wow really???!!! (Much excitement at this statement).

AE: How did you like it? Did you like Safeco Field? How was the game?

Me: I've been to Safeco Field about a million times. The game sucked, Mateo gave up 7 runs in the 6th inning. Hargrove should have left Meche in. We lost 14-6.

AE: ha ha ha... that's funny.

Me: what's funny about that?

AE: Oh, just that you said that about Meche.

Me: no response.

Walking out the door....

Damn. Instead of a Don't bother me pin, I'm going to get one that says either Fuck off, or I DO NOT ENGAGE IN SMALL TALK AND I DON'T WANT ANY HELP.



Louie said...

Maybe he was trying to pick you up? Or perhaps he had a bet with another employee that he could engage you in small talk? Or maybe he just knew that you were like that and did it to annoy you?

If there is one thing I HATE when I go shopping is when you aren't looking for their help, they are on you like flys on shit but when you really do need them to help, they are no where to be found!!!! I feel your pain K! LOL

Kelly said...

That is the way it goes. Although I would much rather be left alone then stalked. Especially after I have said mayn times... hit the road jack, I don't want or need help.

And yes, as if you could not tell...I get annoyed easily.