Thursday, July 27, 2006

Excellent weekend plans...

This weekend I have two exciting things happening.

The first is I have finally been put on a permanent schedule to work at the USO. I got to choose from quite a few different times which proves to me that they need more people.... (did you catch that hint). I had to pick a time that would work best for me and the kid as far as the weekend goes.... soccer season coming up, needing a babysitter, Mariner games, dating so the time I picked can be a little shocking.... my shift will be 4AM-8AM. Ugh. I'll be done at 8AM so I'll have the whole rest of the day and at least there won't be any traffic.

The second exciting thing I am doing this weekend is I'm getting shooting lessons! A friend's husband, who is in the ARMY, is giving me lessons. I can't wait. I went today and bought some ammo, it was a great feeling.

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