Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hard times

Seeing isn't believing.

Believing is seeing.

We all convince ourselves that we are seeing what we want to see. I believed that the person I was seeing was better than all others, was the one and more importantly my daughter believed it too. I had to tell her last night that he is gone and won't be seen again. She was crushed and it was brutal to see her cry over what has turned out to be a very selfish person. She then wrote the saddest drawing of herself with and without a father saying that she would never have a dad and how much she wanted one.

It's so very sad. I'm so over him since he is not worth anything but I am an adult, I understand that relationships sometimes don't work out, all my kid knows is that a guy she worshiped is gone without a word, thus proving how little he cared. Pulled a cut and run, after two years..... must be a closet liberal.

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