Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Liberals need not apply

I've never been a serial dater. Have never mastered the art of juggling - tennis balls or guys.

After the last crash and burn I am determined to learn to juggle, guys - not balls. Although if you think about it... ah well... I guess I won't go there.

I'm clear on what I want (tall, funny, no I'm here to save the world mentality) and crystal clear on what I don't want: liberals.

Being able to read words that are clearly in English is not a skill these liberals have.

Exihibt A:

42-year-old manSeattle, WA.

Email to me says: Liberals are not "anti-American". We're anti dead Americans.

There are a few things wrong with his statement of Liberals are anti dead Americans.

1. Since most/all liberals are hyper about being pro-abortion he must not consider an unborn baby to be an American.

2. The War on Terror is raging to the point of World War III, just who does he think will benefit from getting rid of Islamic radicals? Americans you asshole.

Liberals seem to pick and choose who is worthy of being in his words anti dead. It doesn't work that way, it's a long struggle but this American doesn't want the chicken shit cut and run liberal way out. It doesn't work.

The search continues...


Mike said...

You need to look further south ;)

Kelly said...

Have any place in particular Mike?

Mike said...

I was thinking the L.A. area. Who wants to date cereal, anyway?

Kelly said...

The good thing about cereal is when the box goes stale there's always another box and there are soooo many choices. Of cereal.

Mike said...

well, good luck with that! oD

Kelly said...

we'll see....