Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now

It's tough finding a Right man here in Seattle. They are few and very far between.

Instead of putting so much energy into Mr. Right I'm working on a few Mr. Right Now's. The differences between the two are huge (let's hope so)....

yeah, anyway.... Mr. Right requires too much work, too much compromise, too much headache, too many stories about their families and their Ex's.... ugh. Exhausting.

Mr. Right Now however.... he does not require those efforts. When the pouting starts - it's time for a new Mr. Right Now. So simple, so easy and so much more enjoyable.


Mike said...

I volunteer!!

Violence Worker said...

Part of the problem is that the liberals have succeeded in convincing men and women that they will be happier if the men have less of what makes them men in the first place. I'm talking a set of huevos here.

Men are afraid to be men and women have been conditioned to think that a man with a little testosterone means wife beater.

That's why most liberal men are big dissapointments. They are so busy trying to tap into their "feminine side", what balls they have shrivel up into nothing.

There ain't nothin feminine about me, but I'm already taken by a conservative gal who is a real woman. :)


Kelly said...

thanks Mike...


How RIGHT you are, it is tough to find a real man.... most don't even know what that means anymore.