Monday, August 21, 2006

The witching hour

Every Saturday at 3:30 AM I drive to SeaTac airport for my shift at the USO. I've come to realize that with a few exceptions there are two very different groups of people that are out at that time of the morning.

The first group of people are the Police.

The second group are the people that the police are looking for.

I live in a nice neighborhood but the route to the airport is the ghetto. Stopping at red lights is nerve racking. Crack dealers get up early. Groups of guys that seem to be just hanging out in the road on Rainier are not a welcome sight.

I love my USO shift, have a great partner that I work with but the drive can be freaky. I believe there's a song; the freaks come out at night. Boy do they ever.

A big thank you to all of the Police Officers that work the graveyard shift. Except when I am being pulled over for speeding, I am always SO glad to see you.


Mike said...

Woohoo, I usually work the graveyard shift. I haven't pulled you over, however ;o(

Kelly said...

Transfer to SPD and you can pull me over daily.... speeding, emailing, following too close... take your pick.