Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hágale habla inglés Disneyland style

The kid and I went to Disneyland over the weekend.

Had a great time but damn... it was HOT. I can see why the people in the Middle East are so nuts - it's the heat!

We went on Pirates of the Caribbean three times. They have changed it quite a bit to reflect the most recent movie. I'm okay with that since the changes are pretty cool and only add to the attraction.

Disneyland really goes all out for their celebrations. It's their 5oth and they have some special things going on. They had an incredible fireworks show that was the best I've ever seen. The lines weren't too bad - except for the heat. It seemed as though we were in Cabo already - instead of California. Being white and blonde we were BY FAR the minority.


Mike said...

Of course you were in the minority, dear, Disneyland is in Southern California, after all.

Kelly said...

That's true. Still, I was surprised.