Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dodging a bullet...

I was looking forward a little to a 1-2- or 3 category Hurricane. Probably because I haven´t been in one. But Paul has now been downgraded to a tropical storm and it´s suppose to be sunny tomorrow. It´s raining outside now, and it pretty windy but nothing big.


Fight The Good Fight! said...

Hows it going?
I have been to VW's site awhile back.
An I haven't seen thirdie around for ahwile. (on jens site)
I have not been up to the Seattle area.
A friend of mine wants to move up there soon. He has been there many times.

Well, I'll chk back an see how Paul is doing.
Take care!

Kelly said...

Paul fell apart and hit as a tropical storm... we had some incredible lightning and thunder at about 2 AM on Wed. (I think Wed)... Am coming home tomorrow and am so ready to come home. It´s suppose to be sunny but only 50 degrees in Seattle.

Thanks for the visit.

Kelly said...

and FYI... Seattle is the best...(besides all the liberals).

Fight The Good Fight! said...

I posted some lightning I cought on tape.
I would have loved to see the lightning!
Perhaps someday I may visit Seattle.
The Seawhawks are doing well.
Take care kelly.

Kelly said...
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