Sunday, October 22, 2006´s sunny in Seattle...

Update: Paul has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. Suppose to hit Cabo on Tuesday. Exciting. The lightening is still going out on the ocean.

It´s exciting - but I´m hoping that it stays at category 1.

MEXICO CITY - Tropical storm Paul was upgraded to a hurricane off Mexico's west coast on Sunday and was threatening southern Baja California, the U.S.
National Hurricane Center National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

The Mexican government issued a hurricane watch along the Baja California peninsula from Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip northward to Agua Blanca and across to La Paz on the east coast.
The storm was about 475 miles south of Baja California's southern tip late Sunday, the hurricane center said. Paul is a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. It was moving west about 5 mph.
It could strengthen during the next 24 hours, the hurricane center said. In order for Paul to become a Category 2 hurricane, it must have maximum sustained winds of 96 mph.
The storm could hit Baja California sometime Tuesday before moving to mainland Mexico near the state of Sinaloa if it follows its forecast path.

UPDATE: According to Fox News Paul is still a Tropical Storm but is predicted to turn into a Cat. 1 Hurricane and is also predicted to hit the Baja tip/Cabo sometime Monday night/Tuesday. For the last 30 mins we have been out on our terrace watching some crazy/incredible lightening shows out on the ocean.

Not exactly vacation weather, if this hits our location I wonder if the Mexican government give me a Visa card with 2K on it to spend on tattoos and strippers and booze.

A tropical storm formed off Mexico's west coast Saturday and forecasters said it could turn into a hurricane and hit Mexican land within a few days.
Tropical Storm Paul was located over the Pacific Ocean about 315 miles (500 kilometers) south-southwest of the coastal city of Cabo Corrientes, said Lixion Avila, a meteorologist at the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.
The storm rapidly gained strength and had maximum sustained winds of 50 mph (80 kph) by mid-afternoon Saturday. It could intensify into a hurricane within three days, Avila said. (Projected path)
Paul was moving northwest at 7 mph (11 kph) but it was forecast to gradually shift to the northeast, passing by the tip of the Baja California peninsula and hitting mainland Mexico around the state of Sinaloa early in the week.

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Violence Worker said...

I wonder if the Mexican government give me a Visa card with 2K on it to spend on tattoos and strippers and booze.

Sure they will. All ya gotta do is ask'em.

Stay Safe!