Friday, October 06, 2006


Today is the kids b-day, she was born on this day eleven years ago. God time flies. Curiously I have not aged a day as I have decided that I am going to stay at age 32. We have had a rough week losing our most excellent cat, Sammy. Have also been planning a b-day party for nine girls under the age of 11. Fun stuff. Below is a b-day present.

All three of the above kittens will be at the house, with NINE 10-11 yr old girls. I can't imagine the insane craziness that will ensue. And no, we are not keeping all three - my sister is keeping two of them and we will take one. Ours is named Finn.

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Violence Worker said...

Happy Birthday to the Yard Ape!

Go Tigers! Woo Hoo!