Friday, October 13, 2006

Love a good ending...

There have been a few stories in the news lately that have reinforced my belief in owning a handgun.

The first story just happened today, a woman was home with her two kids and a guy tried to break into her house. Who knows if he thought that no one was home, or even worse to think about - he knew she was there and/or knew young kids were there. Luckily she was able to call the police before he got in. While trying to escape he was shot to death by King County Sheriff Deputies.

This second story is pretty crazy. A 52 yr old man was doing nothing but walking in downtown Seattle, and not even a "bad" part of downtown. He was attacked and he fought back the only way he was able.

Witnesses told police the older man did nothing to provoke the attack in which he was punched and kicked until he fell to the sidewalk, at which point he drew a .357-caliber Ruger revolver and fired one shot.
Judging by witness accounts, the older man "was not winning the fight" -- the other man

"just starts attacking him, he's on the ground and a shot is fired," Officer Debra Brown said.
"It happened pretty fast. Probably by the time anybody thought to intervene, it was already over."

Let's hope that someone would have intervened although I can't be sure someone would have. If I had been there would I have pulled my gun on the attacker? No. Bad idea. I'm not trained enough for that and the results could/would be disastrous.

Having a gun gives me options and maybe a chance to save my own life.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

I don't have a gun, but if I saw some dude beating up a little old man, I'd kick his ass girl style.

That sh*t don't fly.

I bet no one would have intervened. People just don't seem to care about anyone but themselves these days. Good for that older gentleman for defending himself, it's doubtful anyone else would have.

Oh, and I've decided to get a gun. But first I must learn to shoot.

Kelly said...

Hard to say what would have happened... most likely it would have continued and gotten worse. The 52 yr old has not been charged and it's been determined self defense.

The attacker however has a record, a few (many - I don't remember how many) he set fire to his mothers house, she had a daycare business inside. Apparently he was suffering some mental illness.