Sunday, October 01, 2006


We had the coolest cat ever. Sammy loved green beans and pineapple, was a pig really. He was a bed hog and wouldn't budge from in front of a fireplace. He once brought me home a huge dead rat, and would catch big bumble bees, put them in his mouth and let them go inside the house. We would catch them and let them go outside but 5 mins later he would be back inside with another one.

Sammy loved being with us, but he also loved being outside. He would sit for hours outside just wagging his tail and watching. He would take his own sweet time coming inside or going out-just screwing with you to see how long you'd stand and wait for him. He loved sleeping on his back with his paws in the air and would lay down right on top of the paper I was looking at.

We had to put Sammy to sleep last night.

Bye Sammy, we'll really miss you and we really love you.


Violence Worker said...

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

We have 3 cats and a 100 lb Lab mix. I'm not sure what kind of lab he was mixed in or what they mixed him with, but he's our dog. One cat likes me, one tolerates me (but I'm the only one she tolerates) and the other barely tolerates me but loves everyone else. We had one disappear about a year ago. He loved the wife, but tolerated me.

Losing a pet is hard, you've lost a member of your family. You can always get another cat, but it'll never replace Sammy.


Kelly said...

Thanks VW. Now I get to cry all over again. We do miss Sammy.

sis said...

He was the best kitty ever. I'm glad he was able to come to our house even for the short time he was there. Total bummer. I have no idea how people get over losing family, losing the kitty has been hard enough - harder than I imagined. We had him for almost - 6 six exactly??

Kelly said...

I know.... I'm emotionally drained and feel like shit. I never thought about this happening - god it sucks.