Tuesday, November 14, 2006


On an airplane the best way to stay on the plane is to pretty much comply with whatever the flight attendants ask.

27-year-old mother Emily Gillette did not comply with a flight attendants request so she was kicked off her flight.

Why? For refusing to use a blanket while she breast fed her 22 month old.

Number one... why not take the blanket? There's no harm in it.

Number two... why on earth would a woman want to still be breast feeding a (almost) two year old kid. That's freaky. I breast fed my kid until the age of about 7 months. Then, I listened to her doctor and she was on the bottle.

And C... maybe it's not a big deal to her but I have no desire to see her boobs. None. I have rights too, I paid for my ticket the same as her.

I suspect this would not have been an issue if she were breast feeding A BABY- rather than a TODDLER.


sis said...

Good lord! That is just wrong on so many accounts!!! Kick her off! Amen.

mamato4plus1inheaven said...

I doubt you will post this, but your doctor should be censured for his uneducated advice to you. The American Association of Pediatricians recommends a MINIMUM of one year of breastfeeding and longer if mother and child wish to continue. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 2 years of breastfeeding. A seven month old has barely started to eat much in terms of variety of foods to ensure proper nutrition. Formula is adequate but inferior nutrition so why would anyone replace breastmilk for a very young child if they are able to and successfully nursing already? Personally I have nursed my four children a combined total of 7 years. Three were premature and tiny and needed the protection that breastmilk provides. One took longer than the usual baby to be able to eat much in the way of solids due to the developmental issues of being a very low birthweight baby. I have yet to have one of my children wean before the age of two. But three of four have weaned naturally on their own when ready physically AND emotionally. The rest of the world has a normal and appropriate view of the breastfeeding relationship. Even arguably restrictive Islamic nations are less likely to treat nursing mothers with the violent disrespect we do in the US. In fact the Koran commands women to nurse babies until the age of two. From what I have gathered from emails with a friend of this mother, the flight attendant was the ONLY person even aware the child was nursing and this was a personal hangup, and nothing threatening the safety or comfort of the passengers on the plane. Actually, the comfort of the passengers is normally much better when a child can nurse through takeoffs and landings rather than wailing through the ear popping pains. I was followed around by a German film crew last year nursing in public as a response to American press calling lactivists breastfeeding Nazis. The crew just did not understand the reactions they got to it here. In Germany and most European countries, it is common and encouraged to nurse.

Kelly said...

I'll address your many different rants as you missed my point...

My kids doctor suggested 6-12 months. I chose 7-ish as I was sick of breastfeeding. I was separated from my husband I had to go to work to earn money. Her doctor was also my doctor when I was born so I'm pretty sure he's pretty good.

That's great that you had the lifestyle that allowed you to breastfeed for as long as you CHOOSE. That's you. Not me. Your kids. Not mine. My kid is very healthy so the 7 months was what she needed.

Great thing about America - choice. It's when your choice infringes of me and my choice that there is a problem.

And just to remind you... you live in America, not Europe. Here in America most think it's creepy to be breastfeeding a kid that can walk and talk and is too heavy to carry. But your choice, just don't shove it down my throat.

I live in America too and I'm proud of that fact so I really don't give a shit what Islam or the koran says about pretty much anything.

My main point was in the title - Compliance. On an airplane do what the crew tells you otherwise you'll get booted off.

Christy said...

Ok Kelly you know most the time I agree with you, but you seem to have missed a lot to that story. One I guess you'll think I'm a total freak for still nursing my over 3 yr old, but I honestly don't care what anyone thinks, because it's OUR Choice and the BENEFITS outweigh the cons so much, it's not like we just all of a sudden stop producing antibodies that our children NEED, between 6-12 months and as the one poster said, the AAP recommends a min. of 12 months, so your dr is most likely stuck in the days of when you and I were babies and breast-feeding was actually considered inferrior.

The fact is it's AGAINST THE LAW what that flight attendant did. She was offended, what about the mother of the child? One she should NEVER have to cover up, you can walk down the street and see more breast from women wearing low cut, high cut tops, bathing suits, etc. No one tells them "you're offending me", because it's ok when breasts are seen as sexually, but when they're being used for what they're actually intended on being used for all of a sudden they're offensive.

This mother not only had her and HER CHILD's rights violated, she was sitting NEXT to a window, her husband was beside her, and most likely was being modest as the majority of nursing mom's, especially extended nursing mom's are VERY modest.

This flight attendant hopefully was fired or severely reprimanded and without a doubt this will not happen to another mother who's simply feeding her child and giving her child comfort, and helping them when the flight takes off and lands (popping the ears).

It's sad that our country that's so liberal in about everything else, seems to be so rediculously prudish when it comes to the most natural of things.

I realize this post is old, but this is something I feel very strongly about.

It also shouldn't matter if she's breast-feeding a baby or a toddler. It's still nutrition, and hey we can see the amazing benefits of breast-feeding from the mom who most likely saved her children's lives by nursing both of them over the last few days that they were stranded waiting to be saved (the Kim family).

Our society wants to pretend they're pro-breastfeeding, it's only when it's infants and even then people still seem to harbor a lot of ignorance on bf. Doctors are some of the worst advocates of breast feeding and although you were going through an extremely difficult situation, his advice should have been to encourage to continue nursing your daughter so she could get the most out of the antibodies and nutrition. Even variety of breast-pumps and breaks it's always possible.

I understand your "point" was compliance, but it wasn't an issue of compliance. This mother did NOTHING wrong that warranted compliance. The flight attendant was the one in the wrong, because she felt "offended" or uncomfortable...that's a personal take, it has NOTHING to do with safety and flight regulations. This mother wasn't disturbing the peace other than to tell the FA "not thank you". This FA should have been more concerned with other things vs a mother feeding and comforting her child.

Kelly said...

You're so likable Christy so I won't be bitchy...

My doctor said 6-12 months - I chose around 7 months. I was seperated from my husband and HAD to work. My kid is tall, smart and healthy. That being said I still think it's creepy.

Want to stay on a plane??? Do what they tell you. To me, this woman made a big deal out of nothing... why on earth would she not use a blanket except to try and make a point?