Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hubba Hubba Hero...

Lakewood firefighter saves a life, without a flame in sight.

LAKEWOOD - A Lakewood firefighter might have very well saved a woman's life Tuesday night, but this heroic rescue story has nothing to do with a house fire. In fact, Jonathan Tinsley wasn't even on the job when he found himself in the middle of a dangerous wrestling match.

Firefighters know when they get the call, that every second counts. But even off duty, Tinsley's timing couldn't have been better. "I could see that he was beating on her so bad that she didn't have a chance," Tinsley said. 'So I just ran as fast as I could and tackled him to get him out of there."Jonathan, his wife, and friends just happened to see the fight on Halloween night while driving down Steilacoom Boulevard on their way to a see a movie. Needless to say, their plans changed."A man was just beating on a woman... beating on her really hard," Jonathan recounted. "So I told my wife to stop the car, and the car hadn't stopped and I was already out of the car and I knew that I had to tackle this guy... I went as fast as I could... I tackled him as hard as I could down to the ground."One of Jon's friends called 911. Another ran to the Lakewood fire station to get help. And then, something Jonathan didn't see."My friend told me, they were in the car behind me... and they watched me come out and tackle the guy...and watched a knife fly out of his hand," Tinsley said. "So he told he she was being I found out she was being stabbed..."Jonathan saw the butcher knife out on the street. Luckily, he caught the guy off guard. And thanks to his quick thinking: "I believe she would have been stabbed, or killed, or severely injured," Tinsley said.

The woman who was being attacked is still alive. It turns out, the 20-year-old victim had just come from South Korea to break up with her boyfriend. Jonathan ended up stopping him just in time, before the situation got worse. Police arrested 40-year-old Kim Kang Lee after the fight.

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Fight The Good Fight! said...

Good story.
There has been more stories past along on some Navy sailors coming to the aid of a domestic dispute. Ex-Marines helping out a convenience store clerk being robbed.
It takes alot of guts to get involved.
I hope more do!