Thursday, November 02, 2006

Small justice...

A Level III sex offender was attacked in his home and suffered a cut on his face and a bump on his head.

I don't give a shit that this guy was attacked. He is categorized as a Level III which means this predator is the most likely to re-offend.

What I do care about is that vigilante justice jeopardizes the sex offender registry and the notification - Megan's Law - that is sent out when one of these worthless people get out of jail.

I'll be a hypocrite now and say that if anyone hurt or killed my kid - I would hunt them down and kill them. Spend the rest of my life in jail? yes, no question about it, I'd plead guilty.

Look up your address to find out what is living on your block. Here's the link to Washington State's registry.


SHELTON, Wash. - A Mason County sex offender is recovering from a vigilante attack after a man broke into the offender's home and beat him with a stick.
Deputies said it was a clear case of vigilantism and a case that could wind up jeopardizing the law that makes sex offender information available.
James Allen Ross is a Level 3 sex offender living in Mason County's Tahuya community. He has been convicted of child molestation and statutory rape. But two nights ago he became the victim when a stick-wielding neighbor broke into his house and started beating him.

Mason County Sheriff
James Ross is a Level 3 sex offender.
Sheriff's deputies arrested the 51-year-old attacker. But authorities say aside from the assault itself, they're concerned the attack could jeopardize sex offender registry information.
For now the attacker is being held at the Mason County jail on $15,000 bail for the first-degree burglary charge.
Ross suffered a laceration above his left eye and a bump on the head. His injuries did not require hospitalization, police


Fight The Good Fight! said...

Hey Kelly, Have you ever checked out
She is sues and jarheadjohns sister
(on my blog roll).
Great people. Sues is dedicated to hunting pedophiles.

I just voted for Prop 83(I am an absentee voter, California resident)
It tightens some laws and requires GPS systems on registered sex offenders.
Prohibits them from living within 2000yrds of parks an schools.
I would not blame you for your actions (I would too!).

And I hope too, that this does not jeopardize notifications.

Take care!

Kelly said...

thanks... I'll look into that site.

Mike@CopTheTruth said...

awe, how sad...

jarhead john said...

It's a shame that the monster is the one on the attack. Perhaps if the person who attacked him had done a thorough job, this would be a non-issue. The desert is full of people that nobody will ever find.

Sues said...

I'm with you Kelly, they'd have to lock me up if anyone attempted to hurt my child. I say attempted because we've taught him well. And....well... he's grown quite a bit, about 6 feet or so, LOL!!

BTW, if anyone wants to look up the RSO's on map in their area, the Family Watchdog has a great site at It's got pictures and everything. he, he, he.

Ahem, sorry.