Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tis the Season...

Yes.... according to just about every retailer, it is the Christmas season. Lucky for them, both Target and Walmart are using the term Christmas this year.
Right about now is when I start getting all jacked up for Christmas. This year the kid will be in the Macy's Christmas Parade the day after Thanksgiving. She'll be marching down the streets of Seattle along with the girls in her (not to be named here) group.
Lots of good things coming...
Days off with pay.
Seahawks in the playoffs with Alexander and Hassleback returning
New condo.
Another trip to Disneyland.
Overdosing on corny but good Christmas movies on video, dvd, The Family Channel and Hallmark Channel.
What I want for Christmas:
White Hummer
A good, nice, right-wing, 6' man
A yellow Lab
And of course... world peace.
Chances of getting any of the above four items? None... well maybe world peace.

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