Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

My resolutions for 2007:

1. Get out of the house more
2. Find a yoga, pilates or dance class that me and the kid can do together
3. Spend money wisely
4. Do more volunteer work
5. Go to Mass regularly
6. Date regularly


Violence Worker said...

Now how does that work? You bust your tail getting IN to that house and now you want to get out of it more. Wimmin! Strange creatures!

In any case, I hope this is your best ever year!


Kelly said...

haha... getting out more meaning less time watching my 3 million fav tv shows.

Mike said...

3 million fav shows? I hope your date likes tv..

Kelly said...

You tell me... do you?

Haha.... I know, that's why I need to get out more and less TV.