Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Living among animals...

I guess I'm naive about what kind of animal lives in my community. I feel sick after reading about this filthy animal and what kind of life (?) he lived. The fact that his mother calls him a good kid that wasn't violent is pathetic and not worth my time ranting about it.

Arm yourself people with whatever you can... baseball bat, gun, stun gun, mace whatever you feel comfortable with because if animals like this one can gun down a Deputy - step over his body as though it were nothing then continue to shoot at the other Deputy's - we're easy pickins and don't stand a chance.


Christy said...

This literally makes me sick to my stomach. Yeah he was a good kid, I guess that must have been before he turned 14? Please. Sometime tells me that he was prob. constantly in trouble.

It's just disgusting and he better rot in prison for the rest of his natural life.

Kelly said...

After he murdered Deputy Cox he kept shooting at the other Deputy's, then he put his gun to his own head and pulled the trigger. What a waste. While I'm glad he is dead - in a sense he is getting away with killing a Police Officer.