Monday, December 04, 2006


When are we going to learn that criminals should be in jail, and not out in public with the rest of us humans.

Yet ANOTHER Police Officer has been killed by a MANY TIMES OVER felon. This is the third.

This time it was King County Deputy Steve Cox. Find the story here as it makes me sick to re-hash it. Deputy Cox was a former Prosecutor, worked and lived in his community and dedicated his life - literally - to make it a better place to live. He was President of the City Council of North Highline. He and his wife had recently adopted a baby boy.

Why do we allows this to continue? How many times do these animals get their second chances??? Their lives are meaningless to them, they are not human beings and they
are killing off the best of the best.
Update: the animal that killed Deputy Cox killed another man earlier..... shocking.


Violence Worker said...

At least they killed the piece of trash that shot him. We won't need to support him in prison and pay millions for legal bills while he appeals.


Kelly said...

Agreed. Just makes me sick that such a steller person was murdered by something so worthless.