Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playing dirty...
Wednesday, a trooper dressed as a road worker sat in a green tractor in the I-5 median near the Smokey Point rest stop and clocked cars using a laser speed gun. Nearby, a queue of troopers pulled over offenders and handed out tickets.
You're driving down the freeway, carefully navigating traffic, when suddenly someone zips past you at breakneck pace, sliding between lanes and taking unnecessary risks to get where they're going a little bit faster.
Do you ever wish you could flip on the flashing lights, pull them over and slap them with a hefty ticket?
Well, the State Patrol has your back. Troopers are cracking down on speeders, and not just your garden-variety 5-to-10-mph-over-the-limit type. We're talking about the ones who cruise at 90 mph or more.
This is me, kind of. I don't typically do 90 - more like 80 but somehow I don't think the WSP will consider that distinction. I always (when traffic allows) drive 20 over. Always. I really am not capable of driving the speed limit. I understand safety and blah blah blah..... I just can't do it.


Mike@CopTheTruth said...

And what kind of car do you drive? ;o)

sis said...

I was EASILY going 100mph on the drive to Portland, while I was texting. It felt like I was going 50mph. But I wasn't weaving.