Thursday, January 18, 2007

They say that breaking up is hard to do...

All the times that I have been dumped have been pretty dull, that really speaks to the personality of the dumper I suppose... but they have mostly been a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am-type of break-up... a letter left at my desk, one guy just vanished and the most recent; an email. So considerate. So grown-up.

Yahoo has done a survey on breaking up and tis the season. According to Yahoo after Christmas and before Valentines Day is Break-Up season.

Don't say, let's just be friends. Or, I need to find myself, or the George Costanza line; It's not you it's me. Don't just disappear as though you never existed. If you want to end it, end it - in person and here's a thought, be nice. This is a person you once upon a time loved.
According to Yahoo:

• Monday is the best day to call it quits, with Sunday coming in second.
• Sending a breakup e-mail to someones work account is the worst way to cut loose.
• The top two reasons for breaking up are no shared view for the future and feeling unfulfilled.

You will be hated and deemed the enemy no matter what so grow a pair already and do it right.


Hellpig said...

Kelly get the jump on them next time and dump their ungrateful ass after Thanksgiving,then stay single until end of Feburary.

This gives you a 3 month breather,and you know what they say "set it free,if it comes back it was meant to be"

wow way off my usual rhetoric

Kelly said...

hmm.... but then I miss out on the Christmas present... although after what I got last year - it may be worth it. And I wouldn't want any of their sorry asses back...good riddance.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Want to feel better? I can do that for you.

A long, long time ago, in a beach town not far away, I lived with my fiancee' who, I thought, was also my best friend.

One beautiful day, we sat in our back tard talking about the WEDDING, and our future.

He kissed me, told me he loved me and went to the bathroom.

Came back a few minutes later, quiet, brooding. Then popped out that he thinks he doesn't know how to love, and he doesn't love me.Seriously. I had no clue. In fact I think I was silent for like 5 minutes before I walked in the house collected his crap and threw it in the alley.

He needed space and wanted to move out.

Seriously, one second talking about wedding, the next, poof he wanted out. I was tripped out. We'd been best friends for 4 years before we even started dating. Together for 2. Then poof.

Turned out he was a psychotic pathological liar. He had another chick on the side, did drugs....I had no idea. He'd say he was going to work and meet up with her. It was like he had a second life.

Other than cleaning out our joint bank account, I think I was lucky.

Within a few weeks he was coming around asking to hang out, sex... etc. I said NO. Glad I did.

If he hadn't of left I'd have never met my sweet husband.

The road to true love is paved with a*sholes. :)

Kelly said...

Damn Jenn. That is one crazy story. Things did work out for you even though at that moment-life must have sucked. Crazy. I guess the last one did do me a favor - I probably would have dropped dead of extreme boredom after listening to one of his never ending stories for the 8 millionth time.