Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Innocence lost...

I'm very diligent about keeping my daughter in my sight, not just know where she is - IN MY SIGHT. One of my fears though is that someone breaks into our house and kidnaps/rapes/kills her while I am asleep in the next room. That came true for another 11 year old girl in Olympia. A monster came into her house through an unlocked door, raped her, then left w/o anyone else in the house waking up.

What's the solution for this? Lock your doors, of course but that's no guarantee. Get a gun, sure - but if you don't wake up - you can't use it. Get an alarm installed - may be your best bet but it's not 100% - as it doesn't take long to grab a child and run. Get a loud dog that would bark and/or attack? That may be the 2nd best option in this scenario.

In this scenario the best option is to teach your child is to fight back. Scream. Yell FIRE at the top of your lungs. Wake me up so that I can put a bullet in this monster. Teach them to think and to take a breath when scared and to re-act.

Two books that should be mandatory reading:
The Gift of Fear
Protecting the Gift

Both are by Gavin de Becker and they are both EXCELLENT reading.

UPDATE: SUSPECT ARRESTED. Convict and then hang him.


Hellpig said...

This is a very disturbing story,I agree kill the SOB.

About 10 years ago my freind had this happen to his 16 yr old daughter although she wasn't raped she woke up with this guy(family acquaintance)in bed next to her.

We beat him very badly and three of us almost went to prison for it.He was never charged but I bet he never did it again......

Stay safe and take all the precautions needed Kelly,be aware of freaky neighbors.Especially Meth addicts which I know Everett has high population of.

Kelly said...

Nice job on the beat down. Nice when people get what they deserve.

Yeah, there's some freaks around me for sure. Thanks for the warning.

Isn't nice to have some normal weather here finally!

Jenn of the Jungle said...

I'm bad I leave everything open all the time, but I don't have kids and I had a wonderful guard dog for 14 years who at one time did indeed pin two teenage intruders to the wall, my t.v. in hand and all.


If I had kids, I'd have an alarm at least and teach them what you said as well. Too many whack jobs out there these days. Can't wander around at night like I did when I was a kid.

I have no doubt whatsoever though, that your daughter is very well looked after, and I pity the fool who tries to mess with her. :)