Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life regrets... that haunt us...

It doesn't take much for me to cry but this article in today's Seattle Times really got to me. I greatly feeling regret - I try to avoid it if I can. These letters are about lost love, missed opportunities and years long feelings of regret. A few are a little out there but all are heartfelt, read through them and think about your own regrets - maybe make good on them?
My faves:

Dear Dr. Alan Unis,
I was 22 years old and visited you in your psychiatry office. As I waited, I decided that if this appointment did not offer a solution, I would end my life that day. I did not tell you this, but you were perceptive enough to see that I was having a "severe depressive episode" (your words) and sent me for treatment that very day. You treated me as if I was the most important patient you had that day, giving me more time than scheduled, even though we had never met previously. I stayed at the hospital for six days, then began psychotherapy that would last for six years. Seventeen years later, I am happily married and have two happy, healthy young children. My depression is managed with medication and therapy. I experience a joyful life! Thank you for your excellent care that day. You set my recovery in motion.
— Anonymous

My dearest Ronelle,
I am writing this on the plane to Vietnam. It is April of 1968. I need to tell you something. The two nights we spent together last week will always be the fondest memory I will ever have. I wanted to wake you and ask you to wait for me. I wanted to ask you to marry me. I want us to grow old together, have children and a life together. I was afraid you did not have those feelings for me so I took the cowardly, silent way out. I will always love you. My last thoughts on Earth will be of you.
— Anonymous


daniel said...

Yeah, it is sad.
It's makes ya think about what you want to do to to avoid it. (regrets)

Violence Worker said...

I've had some ups and downs, some magic and some tragic, but I don't waste time on the woulda-shoulda-couldas. There are wards full of people out at Western State who live in regret land.

No one is promised an easy ride. Some people, through no fault of their own, have lives of pure hell, be it from some physical or mental impairment. Those of us who don't have such obstacles really don't have much to complain about.

Laugh often and don't take life too seriously. No one gets out alive!