Friday, February 23, 2007

Taking any sort of advice? From this?

I can't stand most celebrities. I assume most are on drugs, sleep with anything, are high school drop-outs etc... I think it's pretty damn funny that this one - Pam Anderson - tells people like me what I should and shouldn't wear. All while proving herself to be an idiot. What the fuck is she wearing in this picture and why in gods name would you pick this dress (?).

It seems Anderson, 39, thought the boots' woolly lining was attached to a synthetic backing. In fact, the boots are made from sheepskin with the fur intact. "I thought they were shaved kindly," she writes.

I've always thought she was kind of gross. Her choice of men to date are so scroungy looking, she has some virus that she says she got from a dirty tattoo needle, and those boobs.... ugh - they are the size of my former car.

She says she didn't know that UGGS are made with real fur. How can you not? I have a pair and they are warm, cozy and the fur is very soft. I wear them all the time when I walk the dog in the A.M. I also have a pair of Mukluks - similar to UGGS but they are grey suede and have grey rabbit on the outside - super cute.

I used to work at a retail fur boutique and we'd get hassled by the liberal hippies every weekend so this topic sets me off. The hypocrites would come in the store, yell at us, make bomb threats - some wearing leather coats or shoes - one was eating a hamburger from Wendy's. We learned quickly not to waste our breath on these losers as much like the liberals of today they have a party line that they quote over and over and don't much care what the truth is.

Shove it Pammy - I couldn't care less what the likes of you have to say about anything - much less the clothes I wear. You are a walking cliche - pathetic.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

I used to go rounds with the PETA nutters who'd go all animal terrorist on me, while wearing suede Birkenstocks.

Anonymous said...

Pamela Anderson should be let go from PETA. If Peta does not watch it she will end up wearing mukluks and fur mukluk boots like their old celebrity spokesperson Kate Moss.
Pictures of Paris Hilton , Lindsay Lowan, and Kate Moss wearing fur.