Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gun Control Is Hitting What You Aimed At

This is what I was shooting at on Saturday. I was finally able to go shooting - much thanks to Christine and Bill for giving up part of their Saturday.
I'm going to sound like a girl but it was different than I thought - for one thing it was really loud. Even if ear muffs on - it was LOUD. A few of the guys were shooting rifles, shotguns and some other huge gun that I have no clue what it was and I would jump a little almost every time. All of the noise was distracting for me. Bill says it gets easier and you get used to it. It was also really crowded - lots of Military guys - bonus there.
I shot a .22 revolver and a .45 semi-automatic. The .22 was pretty easy but I think I would have to shoot someone about 50 times for them to go down - kind of defeats the purpose. I really liked the .45 but it was much harder for me to shoot. It has some recoil and I would cringe anticipating it - so that will have to be worked on a lot. I tended to go left when shooting the .45 - most of the time I hit the target somewhere though so I think I did okay. Practice though - lots of lots of practice.


Henry said...

Good work Kelly!!

Now you just got to convince Jenn to join the ranks.

Perhaps you would like this t-shirt I recently got for the wife.

Kelly said...

Jenn's not opposed. She's take lessons sooner or later. Yes, I have seen that shirt, very good. I have a shirt that says "Got Ammo" like the got milk campaign. Funny.