Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cold justice...

RIP Jessica. Your killer has been found guilty.

This story is not a pleasant one. Stolen from her own bed, raped, buried alive. Think about that, buried alive at nine years old. No punishment is harsh enough for the.... thing that did this. Of course it had a record and blah blah blah... it will get the death penalty and will then sit in jail for years until it's appeals run out - it is old so it may die in prison before it is executed.

The punishment should fit the crime. Buried alive in a garbage bag.

Get a gun, teach your kids to yell, scream no matter what some animal may tell them, get a dog, get an alarm whatever..... but do what you have to do to protect you and family because the system sure as hell won't. To Jessica's father and family: I'm sorry that they system failed you. I'm sorry that you have to live with the knowledge of your daughter's ugly death. Cold comfort.


"My Point" said...

It'll be good to see him FRY! The bastard

sis said...

I would kill him - no doubt. Very sad she couldnt of found a way to escape. Scream when the cops were there or something!! I cant even read your whole blog.

daniel said...

Is truly a sad story.
I believe if your guilty, hang 'em high!

Violence Worker said...

I could shoot the bastard in cold blood. No remorse. Just like taking out the garbage.