Monday, March 19, 2007


I had my USO shift on Saturday morning - and it was BUSY. I was alone for this shift - for the first time and that was a little scary. I got there at 4:00 (AM) and it was packed. As shown, the room for the bags was overflowing. As soon as I got there I had three Service Members that I had to wake-up, my least favorite thing to do. Had 2-3 Coast Guard guys - which we rarely get. There were four ARMY guys that were talking about their duty, where they had been and where they thought they would be going. One of the guys knew everything, all the routines - what to avoid at Ft. Lewis and what to expect, (rain for one thing). They talk almost in a different language with all of their acronyms. They talked about shooting people and what guns they liked best. They talked about being married and having kids - one guy had a BA in Business, was 33 and had 4 kids. It's always interesting to listen to Service members talk about the Military, most of it I don't know what they are talking about-but at 4 AM it makes the time go by faster.

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daniel said...

Good experience for ya huh.
It's good to get their viewpoint.