Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Money money money money......money...

UPDATE: I figured it would be too much of a headache winning all that money - so I didn't win. Congrats though to the people that won - let me know if ya'll need help with your spending.

I'm going to win 160 million dollars tonight.... (that's just about the lump sum amount) After calling my sister, my parents, a few friends... The first thing I'll do is hire an attny. and a money guy, then contact the state. Next I will hit the Porsche dealership for the car above (130K). After that I would contact various people and pay off my morg. and all my other bills, have my family and few friends send their bills to my money guy. I'll then give notice at my work. Will promptly change my phone number so those annoying ex's, friends and relatives don't start bugging me for money. Will go on a long vacation that will include Disneyland and Ireland then will come back to Seattle - buy a house with a ton of land and a barn. Will buy some horses, a couple of yellow labs, build a huge swimming pool.... will give lots of money to favorite charities; USO, Childhaven, The Republican Party, build a sweet women's shelter, injured Military and their families....
God.... what a ride it'll be, can hardly wait for tomorrow.

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