Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Will shovel for free...

I don't know how to describe something that kidnaps, rapes, and buries a 9 yr old little girl alive so I'll just call it IT. IT was given death today - no big surprise. No doubt many lawyers have already started working on his many appeals.
I have a shovel and while I don't normally enjoy yard work I look forward to working up a sweat to dig IT a hole to be buried alive.

If only.

The quotes from the defense attny are at best laughable.
"It's no question a terrible tragedy occurred in February 2005 but life and society want to throw away the life of someone who is mentally ill," Fanter said. "Life and society wasn't fair to Mr. Couey. Life in prison is punishment, it's the most severe punishment you can have short of death. …Don't compound this tragedy by throwing away the life of John Evander Couey. Give him the opportunity he never had, allow him to live and die in normal course, although in prison."

Are you fucking kidding me??? "Don't compound this tragedy" and "Give him the opportunity he never had, allow him to live and die in normal course".... Oh my god. That is too much to stomach, too ridiculous of a statement. What IT did is so horrible that when the details of it first came out I couldn't read about what this little girl went through. Was too close to home.


daniel said...

Defense lawyers suck.
Shit bag is my word for the bastard.
Piece of **it!

Violence Worker said...

What is so damned ironic is that this defense attorney is whining about this piece of regurgitated crap being allowed to live a long normal life, something he denied his victim.

Slow torture, followed by a very painful death would be appropriate. He could end his days like his victim.


Cop The Truth said...

No matter what they do to this guy, it won't be enough. No amount of pain, no long life in prison, could equal the loss of this beautiful little girl. It's time to send a message to garbage like this: prey on our children and you will pay with your life. Preferably, very publicly and very painfully.