Thursday, April 12, 2007

Being a racist...

The Seattle School district has just hired a new Superintendent. Thankfully my kid doesn't attend public school, especially a Seattle school.

Brentwood Middle School typified the institutional rot confronting Goodloe-Johnson. When she arrived, just 3 percent of the 440-student downtown school passed state tests, continuing a 10-year pattern. Police were routinely called. Turnover was so bad that second-year teachers were considered veteran.
And race relations were so tense that a white teacher there filed a federal discrimination suit in 2004, claiming black students regularly called her, among other things, "white cracker, white honkey, white whore," with no intervention from the principal. White students backed up her claim, saying they were also routinely pelted with epithets.
Amid the controversy over academics, the lawsuit filed by the white teacher went to trial, ending with a $307,000 verdict against the district. A federal judge labeled the school a "hostile workplace."
After the trial, Goodloe-Johnson told The (Charleston) Post and Courier that the teacher had "played the race card" and she didn't see the insults as racist.

By the by... this Superintendent is black - can you imagine what the uproar would have been if a white Superintendent had said the same thing about a black teacher? Sharpton and Jackson would be on the news 24/7. Kind of like now.

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