Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Criminal activity...

A ton of criminals won't go free. That's really the bottom line here. I find it both shocking and typical that the NAACP would waste their time defending the type of people that hang out down at 2nd and Pike. Shouldn't the NAACP want these dregs of society off the streets as much as us normal, non-criminal types?

Mark Tackitt, a private attorney who represents another defendant arrested by Neubert, said the accusations against the officers cast doubt on his client's arrest. His client, Terry Cameron, was arrested by Neubert while police were doing a narcotics surveillance operation near the corner of Second Avenue and Pike Street on June 17, 2006.
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the King County Defender Association's Racial Disparity Project have called for an outside investigation into allegations of misconduct by Neubert and Tietjen. On Monday, the groups still had questions about the officers' conduct as well as the police investigation. "It's hard to be certain whether the conclusion that the Seattle Police Department came up with is correct," said Sunil Abraham, a staff attorney for The Defender Association who works with the project that analyzes the prevalence of racial disparities in the criminal-justice system.

Let me tell you something about 2nd and Pike... you don't want to be there. The people that are hanging out there are either selling drugs or using them - or both, you feel like you will be killed or robbed at any moment. I used to catch the bus at 2nd and Pike and it sucked. You don't make eye contact with anyone and you try your hardest to keep a low profile. Hard to do when you are wearing a skirt, blonde and 5'9".

ANYONE that hangs out at 2nd and Pike is guilty of something.

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