Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fight for your life...

With the terrible shooting on Monday and the whoring of it by the media the only story I heard of someone standing up for themselves or others was a 77 yr old professor that had survived the Holocaust. He had to tell his students to leave the classroom. Another story I read today was a 19 yr old guy that played dead. I'm all for doing whatever you need to do to stay alive but I find it curious that no one tried to fight this freak. By his own account there were many times that the psycho stopped and reloaded. At one point he left, then returned. Were these young adults scared out their wits, no doubt about it but none that I have heard about fought to save their own life and that to me is a waste. Freaks like this shooter can only be successful in their mission if people lay down and wait to die. These young adults were not 8-10 year old girls in an Amish schoolhouse.

Think back to Flight 93 - they fought for their lives and lives of other Americans. They heard and saw what the animal terrorists were capable of and they REACTED. There's no way to predict or control a freak like this - but make it harder for him to succeed. If he is going to kill you - don't make it easy for him - make him work for it. Your life is worth fighting for.

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