Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Imminent danger...

At Shoreline Community College daycare one of the preschool providers informed the college that she was serving her former boyfriend with a protection order. He has been violent in the past. The woman has three kids with the guy (that issue is a whole other journal entry)...
The college felt that the woman should stay at work but they did beef up security. The door has an armed guard, you have to show ID to get in and the door is locked.
I believe that I would have mixed feelings about this but for the fact that these are kids. While this woman clearly made poor decisions in her life, she has left an abusive relationship and should be able to live her life w/o being penalized because her ex is an abuser.
However... these are kids that are now being exposed to a potentially violent situation. Couldn't the college find another job for this woman to do? My kid would be yanked out of this pre-school in a second. How long will they continue to pay a Sheriff's Deputy to stand guard?
I know that nothing in life is certain, I could get in a wreck, hit by a bus, shot... whatever.... but until this situation is stabilized (ie. the ex is in jail) that pre-school worker should not be working around kids.
There's no easy answer for this issue - I'm willing to bet that there are a ton of people that experience dangerous ex's, stalker etc and when they start to protect themselves by getting a no contact or restraining order and informing their employers they shouldn't be banished from their place of employment.... but in this case because she works with kids she should not be there.

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