Monday, April 30, 2007

Sugar and spice...

The kid left for a week of camping with her class today. She has barely slept this past weekend because she was so excited.
Yesterday she wrote up a contract for me to sign, mine said the following:
I will not cry, will not embarrass the kid, and will not nag.
Ugh... the teen years are coming soon. Dreaded.


Hellpig said...

ahhhh childhood memories abound

I am a product of the king county school system,and remember the fabulous 6th grade week long camping trip to Camp Waskowitz

in fact the fir tree they gave me now towers 60 or 70 feet high in my parents backyard

Thanks for the memory Kelly

planning a Mariners game in May a 7:05 game not sure what date yet

Kelly said...

I went to Camp Waskowitz too and my tree is also in my parents backyard. Loved it.

I haven't been to nearly enough Mariner games this yr. Have to avoid the Weaver games though!

Jenn of the Jungle said...

I loved 6 grade camp, and when I was in high school got to go back 8 times as a counselor. It was soooo much fun.

Kelly, thanks for the donation and by the way, the front butt thing was priceless.

Hellpig said...

what are you saying Kelly?

Weaver isn't worth the 8 million a year?


Kelly said...

Only playing for a third of an inning the last time, taken out in the third inning the start before that and a 18.26 ERA???? Christ, the M's should offer refunds on his games. He's got some brutal stats.