Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Summer baseball...

I'm a baseball freak. I keep score at M's games and rarely miss a game (via TV, radio or Safeco) during the season. The four day snow cancellations in Cleveland drove me nuts. A couple of Summer's ago I went to a few Rainier games in Tacoma - very fun and I recommend them.

I've moved out North now - so will be attending a ton of the M's Class A team the Everett AquaSox. Minor league games are so much fun, they have just the right amount of corniness to give it a nice small town feeling. Most Friday or Saturday nights they have a great fireworks show! They have cheap beer, cheap hot dogs, cheap parking and cheap seats.
The guy that should be our Govenor, Dino Rossi and a former Mariner player Jay Buhner just bought a minority share into the AquaSox - Buhner should be a big draw for people. The season starts the end-ish of June.

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