Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bad bad choices...

God... this teacher sure made a bad choice. A third grader left her coat on the playground at recess - after recess her teacher sent her back out to get the coat. It was gone, not there. The kids mother went on ebay to see if she could another coat for the kid - and wow... what do ya know - the same coat is for sale - the very next day after it went missing. And wow... what else? The person selling it is from the same town - and just happens to be a teacher from the same school.
She claims she found it in the lost and found at the school - bullshit. The teacher also says that she saw fliers around the school about the coat and then tried to get her listing off of ebay but couldn't. That is total bullshit. I have sold many things on ebay and even if you have bidders on your auction you can cancel your listing. I have done it.
This teacher is nothing better than any common criminal. She is now facing facing theft and felony computer crime charges and is on paid leave.

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