Friday, May 18, 2007



Evergreen would like caution all of you to be on the alert at your games and training sessions. The following message was sent by Snohomish Youth Soccer Assoc. This person has a restraining order at Monroe HS and has been kicked off Snohomish HS a few times. He may have been at Kasch Park also. It is not known, however, if this is the same person or two different people, so all clubs need to be on the watch for out of the ordinary people hanging around the soccer field.

During the United Invitational this past weekend we had an incident that I want everyone to be aware of and a person to watch for during practices here at Stocker and SHS as well as anywhere else in the area you are with your teams. This man came in Saturday afternoon asking many questions about the boys teams playing in the tournament. When we asked a few questions of him it became apparent that this was a person to be watched. He did not have any connection with a team playing in the tournament, was not a parent, friend or family member of a player, just liked to watch soccer games. Since we had just had that notification of a predator n the area and this man somewhat matched the description the police were called. This man left the area before the police could get here but they had a license plate number so checked the park and surrounding area. I expected him to return Sunday but he did not. We had all the tournament staff on watch for this person for the remainder of the tournament. He has also been seen at Kasch Park.Description:
Male approx 5'8" in height. Has Hispanic features, chunky in build and talks with a bit of a lisp and somewhat slow like he may have a small disability. He was driving a white Ford Explorer. If you see him around the field please call 911 asap and then contact me. The e-mail I sent out about a week or so ago was similar in description for this person but was driving a light green color station wagon and at times had more than one male in the vehicle. We want to keep all our kids safe so please forward this onto all your team families.

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