Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dating 202

I don't know who Jeff Cohan is but he has his own page on Yahoo and gives dating advice and has written a book on dating. Below are some ideas for some great dates (his words). I've added a 1-10 on his suggestions:
For Homebodies
1. Cook a meal together. 8 Great idea.
2. Play a board game and rediscover your childhood. 6 Depends on the game.
3. Watch a full season of your favorite show on DVD for a TV marathon night. 4 No, not on a date.
For True Romantics
1. Create love coupons for foot rubs and back massages and cash them in.
3 Seems too contrived.
2. Go all out with a traditional candlelight dinner.10 Always winner.
3. Reserve a B&B getaway. 5 get aways are great, but I'm not a fan of B&B's.
For Adventure Seekers
1. Spelunking (not the best idea for those afraid of heights).
-10 No No No.
2. Whitewater rafting. See answer to #1.
3. Racecar driving school. 8 Love it.
For Artistic Types
1. Take a pottery class.
0 Any guy that likes doing pottery is so not for me.
2. Paint ceramics together. See answer #1.
3. Attend an art show. See answer #1 & 2.
For Those Who Love to Learn
1. Take a cooking class and expand your cooking repertoire as a couple.
5 This one is a maybe.
2. Audit a class on your favorite subject from history to art to marketing. 0 Pass.
3. Attend a poetry or book reading. -10 Not on your life.
For Charity Givers
1. Help with bingo night at the local senior citizens' home.
0 On a date? No thanks.
2. Volunteer at the hospital. See #1.
3. Take an underprivileged kid to a ballgame or the circus. See #1 &2.
For Sports Lovers
1. Watch a minor league game.
10+++ LOVE.
2. Join a pickup game in the park, from softball to volleyball to ultimate Frisbee. 0 No thanks.
3. Take scuba diving or golf lessons. 6 No to the first, probably to the second.
For Travel Buffs
1. Go for a weekend getaway.
10 LOVE.
2. Plan a vacation together. 10 LOVE.
3. Get in the car and drive. 7 Is good, as long as he doesn't drive like a granny.
For Family Lovers
1. Double date with the folks. -10 Christ almighty... not on your life.
2. Play charades. 0 No thanks.
3. Plan and cook a big family dinner 4 Dinner with the two of us, yes.... family... no.


Hellpig said...

ohhh C'mon Kelly I already told my parents we were good to go on a double date....ROTFLMAO -10

I thought we could goto the pottery barn then the ballet and cap it off with a meal at the "old country buffet" @ 4 pm the a long scenic drive in my Pinto

Kelly said...

I prefer Kings Table in Burien. Hahaha.....

Hellpig said...

ooooohhhh noooooooo sorry Kelly Kings is now a chinese buffet

been a while since you were in Burien?about 15 years I'd say

Not missing much I like to call it little tiajuana every store that closes turns into something mexican

Well you have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers Day

Kelly said...

thanks... M's vs. NY this weekend!