Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just (DON'T) Do It...

While I have never engaged in any illegal addictions I do struggle with an addiction to chocolate... and Romios pizza. I used to be of an attitude of screw them - they chose to become addicted and to ruin their life... I'm a little more generous now. I have become a fan of a show called Intervention that airs Friday nights at 10PM on A&E... (yes, I am home at 10PM most Friday nights in bed with the kid and the Beagle- sad but true).
Anyway... I am fascinated to see what lengths the addicts will go to and how low they will stoop to continue their addiction. It's amazing to see how many chances they get with their families and just how crazy/insane the addicts will get.
They have jobs, money, kids.... none of it matters though - they will and do give it all up for their addiction. It's quite sad to see.
At the end of the show they give an update and while they have a rough road ahead it's quite heartening to see the addicts after completing a successful rehab and how long they have stayed sober. I'm sometimes surprised to see some of them succeed - they were SO far gone.

The fact that drug dealers are now coating meth with candy in order to hook more customers is truly scary. Visit the Faces of Meth to get an idea of what it does to a person - physically:

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