Friday, May 18, 2007

My take...

Yahoo has another guy listing some thing to do/not do to meet women. You can find the whole list (most of it is gay) by clicking on the link, which is the title. number 9 was troubling to me so I wanted to speak on it.

9. Lighten your tone of voice. The tone of your voice is a very powerful tool. Approaching her in a light and playful tone is one of the best ways to start. You could also begin in a serious tone, accusing her of something like "I hope you saved some turkey for me," followed by a quick smile to let her know you are joking.
This is a big one for me... using that tactic would put me on guard. It's bad advice because this ruse is something that in the book
"The Gift of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker warns women about - the guy is accusing you of something in a jokey way to get you to want to make him feel better. Another example is a guy offering to help you with something and you get that hinky feeling - like something is off? You say no thanks but the guy persists and says something like, "oh come on... you think you're too good for me", or "you're going to hurt my feelings if you don't let me help you"..... He is doing this to trigger a response out of you, that you don't want to come off as a bitch so you acquiesce. Don't get me wrong - I let people help me but I ALWAYS listen to my inner voice - my intuition. Read the book - it's a must read for all girls/women.

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Jenn of the Jungle said...

Good thing for me I've never had a problem coming off as a bitch. : )