Monday, May 07, 2007

Tell Them Your USO Story

From a USO newsletter I received today:

Did you see a USO show overseas? Have you volunteered at a USO center? Has a USO volunteer ever helped you? Have you visited one of our USO centers worldwide; or received an Operation USO Care Package during a deployment? Maybe you were able to call home after receiving a USO phone card. Whatever your story is, we want to know about it!If you have a USO story you'd like to share with us, please send us an e-mail at Please keep your submissions brief (200 or so words), and your story must be 100% true.We’d also like to put a face with a name, so send along photos or videos to accompany your stories. Photos should be high-resolution jpeg images, because we want you to look good.Remember, once you send us your stories, photos and/or videos, you are giving the USO permission to edit, use, publish and reproduce the material. And, we reserve the right to use anything you send us in informational material and/or public service announcements. We'd love to use your stories on our Web site for all to enjoy. The details are in the Agreement which must be signed, dated and returned to USO with your submission.

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