Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Not To Do...

1. Don't let a door slam in the face of the person behind you.

2. When a person holds a door for you, say thank you.

3. When at a stop sign or a light with a free left - don't pull out and drive 20 MPH. And only pull out if you will not cause the person driving to have to slam on their brakes.

4. When in line at the bank, grocery store, Nordstrom etc... when it is your turn get off your phone. It's rude and annoying.

5. Don't re-heat fish or other stinky crap at work in a shared microwave/kitchen.

6. Don't assume that because you are in a crosswalk the driver coming towards you with 2,000 pounds A. sees you, B. can stop in time. Yes, you have the right of way - but I have a car that will kill you and/or hurt you badly - and I have good insurance. Assume nothing.

7. When you walk in front of someone looking at an item in the grocery store say excuse me as you walk by.

8. Don't talk loudly about other people's kids at school events, sporting events etc... you never know where their parents are.

9. Don't assume everyone around you is a godforsaken liberal.

10.When you are done with your transaction at the grocery store, the library, the bank and so on - leave. Don't continue your conversation with the teller/checker whatever. Move on - go home.

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