Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Because of Me...

My musical taste tends to run on the juvenile side. I like Kelly Clarkston, have two of her cd's and one song in particular (Because of You) got me to thinking about what my kid has learned from me. The song is about what a kid has learned relationship/trust wise from a parent.
For better or worse, funny and mean:
1. Love of Country
2. Asians can't drive
3. Baseball is it
4. Don't run red lights
5. Having money is important
6. Finding a job that you love, even like is important
7. Getting married young is stupid
8. Respect our Military
9. Wave to Police and Firefighters, (especially when hubba)
10. Stand up to liberal teachers
11. Some people are worth more than others
12. Trust your instincts
13. Seattle people are mostly liberal - therefore crazy
14. 9/11 is sacred
15. Liberals hate America and want us to fail
16. Cutting someone off that has crazy-ass bumper stickers is a fun undertaking
17. You can always count on family - both in times of need and to drive you nuts
18. Nice guys can still screw you over
19. Volunteer work is good
20. Homeless and prostitutes are everywhere and deserve our help and compassion
21. School work is hard but important
22. John Edwards will never be President
23. What makes serial killers like Ridgeway, and Bundy tick
24. Burgermaster has the best fish and chips
25. Losing weight sucks
26. Loving the Mariners and Seahawks is required
27. Treating the flag with respect
28. Bad things happen to anyone, at anytime
29. Being the Boss is good
30. Swearing while driving is acceptable and necessary
31. Never wear Mom Jeans
32. Being PC is retarded
33. Disneyland is the best

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