Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I remember...

I tend to go through stages of thinking about 9/11/01 - it's always there but some days more than others I have it on my mind. Today I've been thinking about that awful day and the days after and have some items that I remember and won't ever forget.

1. Waking up to the news on 9/11/01 and being half asleep thinking what the hell is going on?
2. Turning on the TV on 9/11/01 and seeing but not believing what I was seeing.
3. Waking up my sister (me and kid lived with her then) and her then BF now husband by saying an airplane flew into the World Trade Center and her BF sitting straight up in bed saying "WHAT" "WHAT" "WHAT"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
4. Hearing updates on TV that I didn't not believe at first - the first report of smoke at the Pentagon. I remember thinking oh brother, now the news is flipping out.
5. I don't remember driving to work.
6. Being at work in a state of disbelief. Everyone listing to the radio and wondering what the hell was happening. Hearing about other planes that were missing and possibly hijacked. Hearing crazy stories of planes practically falling out the sky.
8. Driving home and having to pull over a few times because I was so upset that I could not drive or see.
9. Hearing that hundreds of Firefighters were missing. And not believing that it wouldn't be resolved.
10. On Friday, 9/14 going to the bank to cash my paycheck after listening to the National Anthem at noon on KMPS 94.1 ( they still do that today) and bawling inside the bank. That week you did not have to ask why other people were crying, the teller said to me, "I know just how you feel."
11. Watching TV and seeing Buckingham Palace playing the National Anthem for the first time ever and seeing people crying and waving American Flags. It's actually on YouTube.

The man in the picture is at a 9/11 Memorial last year. It's almost six years now - still hurts just the same.


daniel said...

I awoke and saw the second plane hit live,right away I knew something was up. Then it pissed me off, what can I say I cried and then I wanted revenge.
We MUST continue the offensive!

sis said...

Great, shot. Yeah I remember thinking "oh man why is she swearing so loud and waking me up"

Christy said...

Ok so I know this is late...but I was supposed to read this today/well tonight it's 2 am in Germany. Today on tv they had a "movie" on about the Flight 93 crash. They had interviews of some of the surviving families. I kept finding myself crying...which being 9 months pregnant doesn't take much but it definately took me back to that day almost 6 yrs ago.

I was on my way to my friends house to drop off my now 6 1/2 yr old, she was watching him while I finished out my last 2 weeks of work (at a bank). I got to her house and we just sat at the tv in shock. I had to leave to get to work and as soon as I clocked in they said the 2nd plane had crashed. We all knew it had to be terrorists and when they announced the Pentagon we all freaked out...we lived and worked on a military base and we'd lived at Ft.Belvoir, Va not far from the Pentagon and drove by it almost everyday for 14 months when our daughter was alive and getting her chemo at Walter Reed. I think by the time Flight 93 went down numbness had hit us. All I could think about was our friends who lived in Va and DC and Chad who was in Kuwait at the time and wondering if he was safe.

Of course it seems that most American's have put it in the back of their heads that 9/11 ever happened and that the terrorists are all our friends, that they're all good people just misguided and that it's ultimately America's fault. Just rediculous.